Landscape Design

Walls do not define the entirety of your home. Your outdoor space is a place to live and love as well. We believe it’s a canvas to be carefully crafted, reflecting an appreciation for your passions, an expression of your personality and a love for the way you live. Prideaux Design’s unique approach to landscape design is to design an outdoor space that’s uniquely you. It’s about building an outdoor kitchen that unleashes an inner chef. Creating a stage that enriches an appetite for entertaining. Designing a pool that makes the biggest splash for a family. It’s landscape design that’s designed uniquely for you to fall in love with the way you live outdoors.

While we’ve designed landscapes across the nation, and even internationally, we’re fortunate to do much of our work in the Sonoran Desert. It’s an enchanting place that allows us to harmonize how you live with where you live. The skillful layering of beautiful native and near-native plants provides the perfect texture to soften the clean lines of your hardscape. We focus on low water use plants and passive and active water harvesting to enable you to make a statement and a difference at same time. We are also happy to design habitats into your landscape for hummingbirds, tortoises or any of the other captivating desert wildlife you want to share your outdoor space with.