Interior Design

When you walk into a room, you should see a reflection of who you are. We believe the most remarkable interior design is a representation of your own passions, personality and uniqueness. The room shines, but more importantly, you shine through it. At Prideaux Design, our approach to interior design is to listen to your desires, discover your dreams and to bring what’s inside of you to the inside of your home. It’s about designing a kitchen to feed a hunger for entertaining. Building the architecture of a cozy retreat around a love for art. Precisely crafting a living space for the way a family actually lives within it. Every one of our interior designs is one-of-a-kind, because every one of our clients is, too. 


Saddlebrooke Ranch

We’ve worked with clients who live in, or are searching for, all different sizes and architectural styles of homes. And while each design is definitively unique, the approach is always rooted in harmony. Balancing the modern amenities that you deserve with the soul of the home that you want to preserve. Creating breathtaking beauty without interrupting functional flow. Intersecting clean, simple architectural lines with texture, color and warmth. Moving from the indoors to the outdoors with no sense of interruption. It’s mindful design that keeps both you and your home in mind.